Watch the video on how our wristbands work

Can I bring my own drinks & food?

This is a licenced event, we do not allow BYO alcohol. we do welcome you to pack a picnic or bring food down. Chilly bins, & bags will be checked by Security on arrival and you will be asked to hand over any items that are not able to be brought on course or you will be refused entry. We have plenty of water on course free of charge and 1.5 soft drinks are available to purchase on pre order.

Can I get my ticket on the gate?

Yes! You can purchase tickets for the event on the day. All hospitality packages have to be purchased before the week of the event. We have a number of pre sales available online from September. There are no pass outs, so you can't purchase a ticket and then head away home again.

What are the wristbands for?  Do I need one?

All guests are given a wristband - either this is mailed out to you as your ticket or you get it when you pay at the gate. The wristband is coloured which lets us know what area you are located on the course.
Our wristbands also have a very special function - they are used to pay for your food & drink on race day a bit like a paywave eftpos card. This will help to make transactions faster at the point of sale, meaning less waiting around on the day.

How do I load money on to my wristband?

When you arrive, you can top up your band at the Kiosk or with one of our sellers roaming around the course. You can pay with cash, eftpos or Credit Card. If you run out of funds on your wristband throughout the day, you can top up again and again - there is no transaction fee charged after the first time.

Can I just use cash or eftpos instead?

All of our bars and food vendors on course will be using the AWOP Wristband technology so you will not be able to use cash or eftpos at these points. But the wristbands are very easy to use so if you had spare cash on you, let our team load it on to your wristband so you don't have to worry about losing it on the day. Betting will still be done using cash, some betting terminals will have Eftpos. Or you can use your mobile betting app.

What if I have money left on my wristband at the end of the day?

At any stage of the day if you decide to head home, or the event has finished, you can stop by our Kiosks to get a refund of the remaining balance on your wristband. If you forget to do this on the day, then you will have 4 weeks to log on to to refund the money directly in to your bank account.

What should I wear?

Race days have been steeped in tradition for years and it is no different this year! We encourage you to get dressed up for the occasion, no matter where you are spending your day on course. It is commonplace for men to wear a shirt & tie, and you can finish the outfit with special details like trilby hat, matching pocket square. Go and see a local retailer to help you out with choosing something special for the day. As for women, well what an opportunity to pick out your best day wear! Bold colour and texture are big features in womens racing fashion. Don't forget the importance of headwear, and the devil is always in the details - matching shoes, bag, scarf all the way down to nails!

How do I get to Ascot Park Racecourse?

Ascot Park Racecourse is located at 111 Racecourse Road, Invercargill. The only entry for the day is the main entry on Racecourse Road. You can drive, there is very limited parking available at the front of the course so please be early and bring a donation that we ensure goes to a local charity. You can taxi or get dropped off, there is designated drop off points on Yarrow Street and St Andrew Street. There is a traffic management plan in place so the majority of Racecourse Road will be closed off from 8.00am until 8.00pm.

Is the event R18?

Yes, children and minors are not allowed to be on course at this particular event. We have 4 other race days throughout the season and welcome you to bring your family to these race events instead! The exception to this rule is stable workers or affiliated industry participants whom must have their licenses on them at all times.

How do I enter Fashion On the Field?

Entering Fashion on the Field is easy! Fill out your details on the Fashion on the Field page of the website, read the terms and conditions and your all done! You have the opportunity to enter on the day also, By visiting our Fashion On the Field Marquee. Our fabulous host will take care of you as well as give you a complimentary once you have walked the catwalk! registrations close at 1.45pm

What are Globelets and why do we need them?

Globelets are a reusable environmentally friendly cup! By using reusables you make a positive impact on the planet, and waste can be reduced by up to 80%. Globelets are designed for the ultimate customer experience. By going reusable, you create a waste-free environment and a great experience.

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